Our special leaves

A beautiful way to leave a special message, tribute or memorial…

To complement our Forever Trees, we also supply the leaves. When required we work with each tree’s owner to design their own bespoke leaf/leaves which are unique to you.


These are our most popular leaves, made of a mineral based material, shaped into a 55mm dia disc (all smoothed/bevelled edges). This material is; fade, rust and fire resistant, very long lasting, alluring and tactile, it will even warm up in your hands.

These leaves are/can be engraved both sides and colour infilled (in more than one colour if requested).

These leaves are…

  • Mineral based material, available in many colours.
  • Especially designed to hang onto our trees, each in their own individual display hole.
  • Infilled in any colour including silver and gold, by hand.
  • Photo option available.
  • Option to have a small amount of ashes, hair or a small artefact permanently sealed inside.
  • Easy ordering process.
  • Carefully wrapped in tissue paper and displayed in a presentation box, (all recyclable).
  • Delivered to yourself, or the customer ready to hang themselves.
  • Available with a permanent lock fixing or semi permanent fixing – depending upon your requirements.
  • Lovingly made, painted and packed by hand.




From time to time we get asked for different price and material options for leaves, stainless steel, brass, colour anodised, plastic and acrylic etc, though certain materials are not; fade, rust and fire resistant and may not last a long time, so we will advise you of these materials and their suitability.


Leaves can only be sold by, or on behalf of each tree’s owner, and can be used by the tree’s owner to generate an income, or raise money for a chosen charity or good cause. Please contact us to find out more.

To see examples of how much money you could raise/generate from the installation of a Forever Tree, and the selling of leaves to go onto the trees click here.