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On a Covid-19 memorial and restarting our business now the lockdown is being eased.

Now the Coronavirus has presented itself, lots of people have more time to sit down, have a cup of coffee and think about future life. Mostly on my mind, and possibly the most saddening aspect is the number of people who have lost their loved ones, sometimes without even the possibility of saying a final goodbye and acknowledging the loss. This is why I feel, a Covid-19 memorial is needed.

My heart goes out to these people, may they eventually find peace in their own hearts. Not one single person deserves this, and now it’s up to the rest of us to help the bereaved. To help them remember the happier days of their life, in the company of their lost family and friends, in other words, to celebrate that life with the love and memory it deserves.

What can we do to show this kindness, to remember in years to come? Now is the time to think what we want. A time to produce ‘something’ that will be a lasting legacy, a wonderful memorial to the many thousands who have lost their lives to Covid-19, some even without a proper funeral or send off. We need to do something lasting, physical not virtual, something we can visit and spend time in its presence, touch and interact with, joyfully not morbidly. Now we need a memorial that is something positive to focus on.


…And this is where we can step in.

We have beautiful interactive tree sculptures, called Forever Trees, produced right here in Derbyshire. Trees represent the wonder of life, and are often the first thing to regenerate and start regrowing after a disaster, out of the ashes something beautiful starts to grow. Our trees are available in our standard green or in rainbow colours, as displayed in so many rainbow paintings in windows across the UK.

Each tree filled with specially designed bespoke leaves. All engraved with a personal message or just a name, in memory and a memorial to a life lost to Covid-19. Our trees can create a modern, long lasting memorial sculpture, which people of all ages and disabilities can interact with. We need a focus now, not in months, or a years time. Now is the time to provide a facility and opportunity, helping people fulfill their wishes to remember every single lost loved one, during this pandemic.

covid19 memorial

Thank you for reading my blog, I will be giving updates, posting progress – big or small and sharing my thoughts in the forthcoming months.

For the symbolistic meaning behind the yellow hearts click the to visit the BBC’s website.

We can also design and manufacture any shape or size structures required, with all leaves individually designed.

Compact size Forever Trees – holds 500 – 4,500 individually engraved round leaves.

Large size Forever Trees – holds 12,500 individually engraved round leaves.