We often get asked, if we rent or loan out our trees?

…and yes we do

We will deliver the tree to your location. Install and set up. All we require is a flat, secure surface to locate the tree on. Trees can be rented/loaned in our standard green colour, or we can supply you with a set of coloured cladding in your chosen colour.


We can also supply ‘leaves’, for your tree should you need. We offer a wide variety of shapes and materials, i.e.

  • Disposable biodegradable card
  • Ribbons
  • Recycled plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood – many varieties from sustainable sources
  • If you request it, we will source it!


At the end of your event, we will return, disassemble and take the tree away. After your event we can also, if needed:

  • Remove and correctly dispose of/recycle all the leaves, messages, tags, etc
  • Remove and return just the leaves, messages, tags, etc. back to you, or
  • Remove whole display panels and return them back to you, to use as an art installation or however you want


If you are interested in renting one of our trees for your event – please contact us to discuss your requirements.