Why our trees work, key design features

Over a year of… designing, development and testing went into our Forever Trees.

Below are just a few points, we want to tell to you about.



Made of steel, designed to hold a large quantity of leaves, in a relatively small space, without creating the possibility of distortion or deterioration to the structure.

COMPACT tree designed to hold around 4,500 leaves.
LARGE tree designed to hold around 12,500 leaves.

Each leaf in their own individual hanging/display hole.


When introducing a Forever Tree, it’s imperative that issues relating to health and safety are minimised.

Our standard design trees are…

Not easily climbed upon
No overhead hanging areas
No moving parts
No easily removable parts
No trip hazards


As mainly placed in an outdoor environment, care and attention has been given to the materials used, the finish applied to the materials, and therefore the structure’s ability to stand up to varying weather conditions.

In addition, with the use of the PVC cladding system, coated in hard wearing ‘Raptor’, resistance to minor impacts created by wheelchairs and pushchairs has also been minimised.


First and foremost each Forever Tree is a work of art in it’s own right, in fact they have been called, “interactive sculptures”.

Trees can be located and used in most urban, rural and coastal landscapes, whilst being practical, functional and safe.


Forever Trees are effective on their own, or in multiples – creating a forest!

Trees can be permanently sited in their location, or the compact tree can be supplied with a free standing base – should you need to move and change the trees location.



You can choose and create your own bespoke tree, for your needs and setting, such as…

– The colour
– The ‘finial’ on the top
– Ground surface finish
– Plaques

If you require a different size/capacity tree, please contact us.


As a Forever Tree will be a brand new addition into any location, often urban and highly populated, it is important the structure takes up a minimal footprint.

Owing to utility and infrastructure frameworks, that could be already present, especially in urban locations, both structure’s ground penetration has been kept to a minimum or none, depending upon base option chosen.


Particular thought was given to ensuring access for wheeled devices, such as wheelchairs, pushchairs and prams, therefore the accessibility, size, entry widths were at the forefront of the design.

When selecting a location for a tree, all ground terrain levels must receive careful consideration, to allow for safe/flat access for those using wheelchairs/pushchairs.